Difference Between A Tandoor And An Oven


There has been a lot of contention about which one is better and which one of them you should buy. This blog is all about helping you decide which one will suit you the best and this is definitely an unbiased blog which shares all the major details of the respective products. In this blog we are going to differentiate between the two on the grounds of the following;

  • Benefits of tandoor and benefits of an oven
  • Disadvantages of tandoor and oven
  • Uses of the products
  • Price range of tandoor and oven

These four points will eventually help you decide which one will suit your kitchen and your work the best.


Benefits of  Tandoor And An Oven

  • Tandoors are portable
  • They are made from a high quality raw material known as stainless steel
  • Using a tandoor brings in a lot of health benefits as well as taste
  • Are corrosion resistant
  • Tandoors are blast proof
  • Electric tandoors consumes less power
  • Can be used to accomplish all sorts of kitchen activities
  • Quick heating
  • Adds a distinctive flavor of its own


Benefits of an oven

  • Provides a better texture to the food
  • Ideal for roasting and heating
  • Allows heat to fully penetrate the food
  • Quick heating
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen
  • Easy to clean
  • Variable heat settings
  • Safe for children


Disadvantages of tandoor and oven

  • Disadvantages of the former
  1. The indoor use of a tandoor may result in a smoky environment as these work the best in an open environment where there is proper ventilation.
  2. Incessant use of tandoors can lead to heavy fires, if not used with proper care and attention. 
  3. Produces gas that is harmful for health. Such as carcinogens that can cause cancer.

  • Disadvantages of the latter

  1. The heat might turn the food into dry and soggy types
  2. Non versatile appliance
  3. Enhanced chances of food poisoning
  4. Needs special utensils


Uses of tandoor and oven

  • A tandoor is an ideal appliance that can be used to work with all sorts of kitchen tasks such as, roasting, baking, reheating, defrosting, barbecuing, grilling etc. This can be used anywhere be it indoors or outdoors.
  • An oven is an appliance that is ideally used for roasting and heating, but also can be used for baking purposes.


Price range of the products
  • The maximum price of a tandoor ranges between 45000 to 60000
  • The maximum price of an oven is 90000


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the temperature range of an oven?

230 to 260 degree celsius


  1. Which part of the oven is the hottest?

The top part of the oven.


  1. Which fuel is used for a tandoor oven?



  1. Are tandoors best for indoor or outdoor use?

An electric tandoor is ideal for indoor use whereas the normal one is ideally suited for outdoor use.


  1. Why is a tandoor manufactured from stainless steel?

A tandoor is manufactured using stainless steel so that the product can have a sturdy body and can be preventive towards corrosion too. 


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