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Bajrangi Tandoors International is known for producing Home Tandoor, Copper Tandoor, best home tandoor oven, Gas Operated SS Round Tandoor, and Gas Operated SS Tandoor are some of the premium products that we known for producing. The company was established as a sole proprietorship and is now recognized as the leading manufacturer of premium goods and services. The products and services in question are famous for features such as great quality, reasonable cost, essential functionality, and low maintenance requirements. The company operates out of a portable tandoor for household settings.

Copper Tandoors, Gas-Operated Stainless Steel Round Tandoors, and Home Tandoor , Gas-Operated Stainless Steel Mini Tandoor Ovens for Home Use are just some of the products that this company is able to offer in a wide variety of price points and sizes. This is due to the company’s highly trained workforce, stringent quality control procedures, and primary focus on providing excellent customer service. They have a track record of offering clients and purchasers with goods and services at prices that are competitive with the market. Their products and services hold a strong position in a number of markets around the world.

Why choose us?

We manufacture and Suppliers a variety of products out of Delhi, India. Some of these products include the Clay Tandoor, the Home Tandoor, the Square Drum Tandoor manufacturing, the Steel Round Drum Tandoor, the Coal Tandoors, the Gas Tandoors, the Stainless Steel Tandoors, the Electric Tandoors, the Rope Tandoor, the Catering Tandoor, and more. 
1998 marked the beginning of operations for the company. When it comes to the production, distribution, and exportation of tandoori goods, Bajrangi Tandoor International is among the Home Tandoor most successful businesses in India. Home mini tandoor oven Bajrangi Tandoor is thrilled to be adopting the features of its previous production, which had been involved in the tandoor manufacturing company.

Uses of Tandoor

Since we have faith that our skilled team can deliver the highest and best quality fundamental resources, we are able to provide a guarantee that the items that we sell have gas tandoor bhatti been made using raw materials that have undergone quality checks and assurances. In addition to that, we have built a huge, completely stocked Home Tandoor that is portable and powerful. 

The Best Portable & Powerful Home Tandoor is an excellent choice for intimate gatherings with your family, close friends, , and other people in your group! You can prepare delectable tandoori food in the privacy of your own home and serve as your own personal chef. Because it is so easily transportable, the can be used virtually everywhere, including on rooftops, in parks, gardens, and galleries. Tandoor use that uses gas.


 Who are we?

 The company saw extraordinary expansion. Because of our committed customers, the general public has a favourable opinion of our products. We have a wide variety of products available, such as a Roomali Roti Trolley, a Gas-Operated Tandoor, a Clay Tandoor, and a Barbecue that is operated by coal.  that is both portable and powerful We have a large assortment of these products available for our customers, and we receive orders from them on a regular basis. This is to serve the needs of our customers. We stand behind the high quality of our products.

Bajrangi Tandoors

The tandoor’s heat resistance is helped along by having double the normal amount of insulation, which is high-temperature resistant glass wool. The first layer of insulation is located between the walls of the drum and the portable tandoor for the home, and the second layer of insulation is located between the and the drum.) Tandoor producers offer a miniature version of the oven for use at home.