tandoor clay oven for home

Buy Best Tandoor Clay Oven  For home


About The Product

Eating food that is prepared on a tandoor is always preferred by everyone as it helps us to meet with the authentic root taste of our spices and herbs and for making it interesting and special we have tandoor clay oven that will help us in doing so. We know what a tandoor is but do we know the speciality that it has that makes it one of the best cooking equipment, the quality is that once you heat a tandoor to the temperature that you need then it will be at the same temperature for several hours. 



We are aware with the basic uses of a tandoor that it is a perfect option for baking purposes, but do we know what else we can do with the help of it? What if we tell you that you can use a tandoor to prepare a whole meal out of this one appliance, would you believe us? Then to bring into your notice a tandoor is also specialized in purposes like grilling, roasting, reheating and most importantly barbecuing as well. 


Benefits Of Tandoor Clay Oven

  • Prepares a healthy meal
  • Efficient use
  • Safe to use
  • Cost effective
  • No usage of gas
  • Robust body
  • Quality product
  • Quick servicing
  • Suitable for all places


Details Of The Appliance

  1. Outer diameter- 26”
  2. Height- 30ft
  3. Inner mouth- 13”
  4. Material- finest clays
  5. Temperature- 400 degree
  6. Origin- made in India

Different sizes are available, you can buy according to your own preference. 


Features Of The Appliance

As tandoor clay oven manufacturers and suppliers we have ranges of features to offer you via this product. Tandoor clay ovens temperature can reach up to 400 degrees which allows it to cook food at the perfect temperature and provide with quick servicing, also the best part is even if the food is cooked at such high temperatures then too you don’t have to worry about it getting burnt only thing that you need to focus at is being vigilant enough. Since it is a traditional cooking technique it also doesn’t need to be installed as first of all it is made of clay so you don’t have to go through the long and boring task of getting it installed. You can buy best tandoor clay oven online from us, do check it out. Another best thing about this appliance that we personally find attractive too is that it is a portable appliance which means that it can be carried easily at all places, another advantage is that it is a product that is suitable to be used at all places be it homes, restaurants, dhabas, hotels, anywhere you need. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

A lot of companies might have promised you a lot of things that seems fruitful to ears but when the show time comes they have nothing to produce, we as a company know what to speak and when to speak, our pros and our cons too, so we only promise what we know we can fulfill and hence stand firmly on our promises. We know that the competition in this market is fierce and increasing on a daily basis but we know what our customers need and strive daily at achieving bigger and better daily. To provide our buyers with the utmost comfort we have our tandoor clay oven for sale so that you can check the prices out and buy it at the lowest prices. We are a well known company who is typically known for selling goods that are unadulterated and satisfactory in all terms to the customers. We understand that it might be difficult for you to choose the best for you, but we are here to guide you through the best quality products that are sold at the best prices and with the best services. You can get tandoor clay oven at best price from us and we can guarantee that. We hope that we will see you soon joining our company and giving us the opportunity to serve you.