Commercial Gas Tandoor Price

Buy best Commercial Gas Tandoor At Best Price in India 

Copper Tandoor Price :- 35000/- INR

What Is A Commercial Gas Tandoor?

Our commercial gas tandoor is widely used in restaurants, hotels, dhabas, basically places that are food oriented and want to explore with their menu and provide their customers with new and enticing food every time people visit them. We all know that a tandoor is designed with clay, we as commercial gas tandoor manufacturers and suppliers design our product from terracotta clay to build the core structure that helps in making the food perfect and the outer structure is manufactured with high quality steel that forfeits the appliance from dents and marks or any sort of wear offs. 



When we talk about using a tandoor then we all are aware that a tandoor is a multi purpose product suitable for all the kitchens. It completely will compliment your other kitchen equipment and will certainly suit the best to all of those who buy the appliance. We totally agree that everyone who is involved in a food accustomed business should take a look at this alluring product, it will help you in easing your work out to a great extent. 


Benefits Of Commercial Gas Tandoor

  • Serves a large group of people at the same time
  • High temperature
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Attracts customers
  • Cost effective
  • Prepares healthy meal


Details Of The Product

  1. Usage- commercial
  2. Material- stainless steel
  3. Origin- made in India
  4. No. of wheels- 4
  5. Weight- 200 kg


Features Of The Product

Commercial gas tandoor is equipped with double insulation and high temperature resistance as it has charcoal and gas fuel inside the oven and you can use the same fuel for the outside sources, so it is a total win- win situation for you. You can even buy best commercial gas tandoor online. This product is certainly suitable for outdoor and indoor uses as it is portable as it carries four wheels so it can be transported via one person anywhere you like. It won’t hog much of your kitchen space too as it is somewhat compact and even if you feel that you have no more space indoors then outdoors is certainly the best place for it to be settled in. It is a low maintenance product in which you need to put barely any effort to clean it. It has all the properties that make it what it is and convinces you to buy it right away. We can definitely say that this will prove to be a well suited product for all those who buy it. We promise to provide you with a commercial gas tandoor at the best price. These are available in a variety of sizes so you can pick the appliance that suits your kitchen the best. We definitely recommend this cooking appliance. The body is also equipped with various handles that might help you in lifting, shifting, the product easily whenever you like to do so. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

We make all the efforts in the world to build a product that meets up with your expectations as well as the international standards. Our craftsmen work very hard to provide you with the things that you need. You get a number of privileges that you get to buy from us is that primarily since we are the manufacturers of the appliance then it is appropriate to say that you won’t have to wander places in search for repairing objects as those will be available with us and secondly we keep on giving away our appliances for sale, likewise we have our commercial gas tandoor for sale too, and we are sure the price will grab your attention and will convince you to buy the product. The most important information that we need to share with you is that we have our product on a warranty of 6 months so we are available at your service, in case of any problem you can contact us and it will be immediately taken care of. We hope that we might have convinced you enough that you might want to buy from us and we can assure you that once you do we won’t let you regret your decision.