Top Must Have Accessories For Your Tandoor


A tandoor is nothing without its accessories just like we are nothing without our organs. We cannot even imagine our lives to be normal and pragmatic if any of our organs are missing or are not working properly. Likewise a tandoor is nothing without its accessories like how you can put your bare hands in a hot tandoor that is just stupidity and lack of awareness. This blog will tell you all about tandoor accessories, what are its uses and how they are used. There are many accessories that you get to see in the market but they just make the things worse by perplexing the situation as to be honest not all of those carry a weightage or are as important, so to make your lives much easier and to reduce the sum of your bill, below we have listed some of the accessories that keeps vitality. 


List of important accessories

  1. Skewers
  2. Naan gaddi
  3. Naan bread rods
  4. Stainless steel lid
  5. Burner baffle plate
  6. Lumps of clay

The names listed above are the most important accessories you will ever need to work with a tandoor, if you want you can add more to it but these will help you run your task smoothly.



  • Skewers are long sticks made from wood or from stainless steel.
  • They have a fitted stopper on its one end.
  • These are used to insert vegetables or meats in a stick for it to get grilled or roasted.
  • Skewers consist of stoppers so that you can get hold of it easily and not let it harm you in any way.
  • The stoppers do not get hot, it’s only the stick that does.


Naan Gaddi
  • The naan gaddi also known as naan cushion is coconut fibre filling covered with a cotton cloth.
  • This accessory is used to stick naan to the walls of tandoor.
  • This is made for safe holding of naans so that you don’t burn your hand.
  • You can easily place rolled naan on top of the gaddi and then safely place it inside the tandoor.


Naan bread rods

  • Naan bread rods are long sticks manufactured out of metal.
  • These are used to stretch and cook dough inside the tandoor.
  • This accessory in some ways is similar to naan cushions/gaddi.
  • It has a hook on its one end which is used to attach the dough to the rod.
  • And on one end there is a scrapper that is used to remove naans or chapatis off from the walls of tandoor.


Stainless steel lid

  • Most of you might be familiar with this accessory. As the name suggests it is manufactured using stainless steel.
  • The use of it is to cover the tandoor, it has a handle on top which makes it convenient for the user to pick it up and put it down.
  • This helps in keeping all the bacterias and insects from going inside the cooking appliance.
  • You can get access to this either online or in the market too.

Burner baffle plate

  • This is the sheet that is placed above the fire chamber.
  • It is a deflector sheet which reflects heat back into the combustion chamber.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • This helps in controlling the heat as much as possible.
  • It can also be used to regulate the fluid.


Lumps of clay

  • We all know that a tandoor is typically made of clay.
  • And with continuous usage of appliance the user might see some cracks on the walls of tandoor. Not that those cracks are much of a problem but if you feel the need to fix them you can do so with the help of clay you get.
  • You can get the same clay that had been used to manufacture the tandoor. 


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