Copper Mirror Finished Tandoor Manufacturers

Copper Mirror Furnished Tandoor

Copper Tandoor Price :- 40000/- INR


What Is A Copper Mirror Furnished Tandoor?

We first need to understand what is a tandoor before jumping on extra information, a tandoor basically is a special type of oven that is made with clay. The large cylindrical shape of the tandoor helps it to keep all the heat inside. You don’t need to reheat the tandoor time and again once it’s heated it stays at that level for several hours. 


About The Copper Mirror Furnished  Tandoor

Copper mirror furnished tandoor is a type of tandoor that serves you with the same purpose like a regular tandoor and can be used anywhere you like. It is also a best suited product for catering purposes. Do check out the appliance. 


Uses copper Mirror Furnished  Tandoor

Tandoors are used to provide a special smoky taste to the food and are best suited to do all your kitchen errands. These are not just an ideal purchase for baking but you can also use it for performing other kitchen purposes as well like reheating, roasting, grilling etc. 


Benefits Of The Copper Mirror Furnished Tandoor

  • Provides durability
  • Made from high quality material
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact
  • Quick heating
  • Portable


Details Of The Copper Mirror Furnished
  1. Material- stainless steel
  2. Origin- made in India
  3. Dimensions- 24*24*35 inches
  4. Type- charcoal and gas

Available in different sizes, you can buy as per requirement.


Accessories Of The Product

  • Ring
  • Mouth lid
  • Trolley
  • Skewers


Features Of The Product

As copper mirror furnished tandoor manufacturers and suppliers, we are offering you a product that is made from high graded raw materials like copper which empowers it with durability and reliability. One of the biggest advantages of tandoor is that it is a portable appliance that means you can carry it anywhere you like and get started with your work. Next best thing is that you can buy best copper mirror furnished tandoor online very conveniently. It is a barrel shaped product that works either with gas or charcoal and provides you with heavy insulation. Another good thing about using tandoor is that it provides you with a meal that is scrumptious but also healthy as it doesn’t diminish the nutrients or vitamins of the food and you can use very less oil or no oil at all in the cooking process. We definitely recommend this product to you. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

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