Domestic Tandoor Oven

Indian Tandoor Oven For Home


What Is An Indian Tandoor Oven?

Tandoori is often misjudged as being a recipe rather it is a whole type cooking technique which is done using an Indian tandoor oven. Tandoors help to provide that very unique and appealing taste to the food that becomes irresistible to anyone especially in India it is at high demands. The best thing about this appliance is that it can be used anywhere you like be it restaurants, hotels, or even at homes. This also helps you in adding better recipes to the menu. 



Basically as Indian tandoor oven manufacturers and suppliers we can say that a tandoor is an all purpose cooking appliance but the thing that it has always been famous for is baking unleavened flatbreads such as naans and rotis. Naans and rotis are believed to be baked the best in a tandoor as even at high temperatures it doesn’t burn the food and yet provide that crunchiness in soft rotis and naans. 


Benefits of Indian Tandoor Ovens

  • The flavors of herbs and spices gets locked in
  • Enhances your menu
  • Suitable for all places
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient appliance
  • Portable


Details Of The Product

  1. Dimensions- 30*30*36 inches
  2. Material- stainless steel
  3. Origin- made in India
  4. Usage- hotels/ restaurants/ homes
  5. Capacity- 10 to 20 


Features Of The Product

The features that a tandoor carries will leave you startled and will compel you to buy it right away. Before jumping on the feature and leaving you astonished, an important information is that you can buy best Indian tandoor oven online. One of the best things that we find in a tandoor and we are sure that you will too is that it is a versatile appliance as it enables you to cook any type of cuisine you like and besides cooking it adds the flavors of its own. It keeps the authentic taste of spices and herbs intact in the cooked meal which gives it a perfect aroma and no doubt a mouth watering taste. Along with providing great taste it also helps in making a healthy meal as you can use very less oil or no oil at all in the cooking procedure and the best thing is it doesn’t wear off the vitamins and minerals of the food. Another advantage it hands us over with is it is empowered with quick servicing as it takes 10 to 15 minutes to provide the crunch. We are always dreading the installation process but no such fear will storm you with this appliance as no kind of installation is necessary with the appliance. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

We can give you millions of reasons for trusting us but you won’t be able to unless you take the risk and use our product, and once you do we can assure you we won’t need words to grab your attention. We provide every comfort that we can to our customers so that they rely on us with everything they want as we don’t want to let you go. We assure you a lifetime of durability and reliability in all the things you want be it services or with products. You can get an Indian tandoor oven at best price in India from us. We also give our products on a warranty of 6 months so if you face any problem then you can contact us directly and we assure you immediate servicing. As you wish is our command and we don’t like making our customers wait. The life of our company revolves around our buyers and hence we make no compromises in providing them the finest services and products.