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Electric Tandoor Oven For Restaurant


About The Product

We manufacture all types of tandoors that you need but now we have an electric tandoor oven for restaurants in stock. This type of tandoor is in an extensive demand for hotels, restaurants, canteens, dhabas, as they make your life so much easier and better. A completely safe and easy to use versatile product. 



Electric tandoors can be used as an all purpose cooking equipment, be it roasting, reheating, grilling pizza and baking is for sure. Accomplishing goals and doing it in an efficient way is all a tandoor is known for. As an electric tandoor oven for restaurant manufacturers and suppliers we can tell you that even at high temperatures it doesn’t burn the food and provides the perfect meal. 


Benefits Of Electric Tandoor For Restaurants

  • Compact
  • Quick heating
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance


Details Of The Appliance

  1. Dimensions- 15*29*16 Mm
  2. Material- stainless steel
  3. Origin- made in India
  4. Voltage- 220 V
  5. Power- electricity


Features Of The Product

There are numerous features that this product has to serve you with. You can buy best electric tandoor oven online as well. The first feature which is for the health freak customers out there and also our not so health freak customers is that via electric tandoor you can cook an oil free meal, you can either use very less oil or no oil at all in anything you prepare. This product is fitted with three types of heat control modes that helps in making it a better product. You can have an electric tandoors oven for home at best price in India from us. Since this is a product that is manufactured and designed using stainless steel, it is appropriate to say that it will be a product that assures you durability and reliability also will be blast proof and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel has an element known as chromium that makes it rust proof so unlike other steels you don’t have to worry about it catching rust. You can also work on it for hours without worrying of it getting blasted. A product suitable for all places and a must buy one. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

We as a company stand together to provide our buyers the best products and services we can. We train our employees to be humble and generous with you so that we make a healthy and comfortable place for you to trust. You won’t come to know what you are missing out on unless you give it a try and we can surely say that you are missing out on best quality products that too getting it at the best prices, this is why you should choose us. We have our electric tandoor oven for restaurant for sale too, you should definitely not let go of the opportunity and get it at its minimal price. We not only just promise, we stand firmly on what comes out of our mouths. We promise you best quality products at best prices and with the best services, what else do you need. You can confide in us whenever you want and trust us blindly. We want to see you grow and we want to see us grow, it’s a fine line, so let’s work together and build a foundation that is based on morality, faith, durability and reliability. We hope that we will get to see you join us super soon. Trust us once, we promise that we won’t let you regret it and never disappoint you.