Types Of Tandoor


Buying tandoors is the easiest decision to make until and unless you have to decide which one you are supposed to buy as there are so many options that you get in the market. No worries since you have got us, we are going to give you names of all the types of tandoors and explain to you in detail what those are and how they benefit you so that you can be decisive about which one to buy. 


Names of different types of tandoor

  • Square tandoor
  • Gas tandoor
  • Dirt tandoor oven
  • Drum tandoor

It might be possible that you shall have heard some of these and might not have too but today you will know all about it. 


Square tandoor

  1. This is the type of tandoor that you might find widely in the market today. 
  2. Its outer body is manufactured using stainless steel and inside this is an earthen pot made typically from clay. 
  3. This product consists of many advanced technologies and offers durability and reliability. 
  4. They are built in such a way that provides comfort and convenience to the customers.
  5. These are portable and are equipped with a temperature gauge. A temperature gauge is a product that helps you keep track of time, when you keep raw food to get cooked and when it is time for you to pick the food out of the appliance. 
  6. It is a user friendly product, very easy to clean and is low maintenance too.  


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