Barbeque Tandoor Manufacturer

Barbeque Tandoor Manufacturer

Barbeque Tandoor Price :- 25000/- INR


About The Barbeque Tandoor

Everyone loves the taste of barbequed things be it pizza, chicken, paneer, kebabs etc, and barbeque tandoor will help in achieving the utmost taste and satisfaction you need. Barbeque tandoor is a cooking appliance on which a layer of coal is laid and above that on sticks, things you want to barbeque are first marinated and then inserted in the sticks and then kept above the flamed coal to be cooked. 


Uses The Barbeque Tandoor 

There are tremendous utilizations you can make out of this product. The best use is that you get to serve a smoky flavoured grilled food to your customers. Since it is an equipment that is suited for outdoor uses, it enables you to plan a fun time with your family and friends. The best part is that it can be used anywhere be it restaurants, hotels, homes anywhere you like. 


Benefits Of Barbeque Tandoor

  • Health benefits
  • Quality product
  • Time effective
  • Suitable for all places
  • Provides best taste


Details Of The Barbeque Tandoor

  1. Material- stainless steel
  2. Fuel type- charcoal
  3. Weight- 45 kg
  4. Origin- made in India
  5. Usage- hotels, restaurants


Features Of The Barbeque Tandoor

As barbeque tandoor manufacturers and suppliers we can tell you some mind boggling health benefits you get eating barbequed food that will convince you to buy the product now. You get better skin, increased brain power, better vision, better blood circulation, etc. The best feature is that it helps you provide a unique flavour to the food that will keep the customers in awe of the food. Another advantage that we don’t need to mention is, it is pretty obvious when a product is made out of stainless steel it is itself equipped with advantages in bulk such as it is a corrosion resistant product, it won’t get any dents or marks as stainless steel is resistant to that too. The best thing about barbeque tandoor is that it retains nutrients, and also you don’t need oil to cook the food hence you get a fat free meal. Essential nutrients are kept intact in the BBQ grilled food. You can also buy best barbeque tandoor online. To increase your services and attract customers this is a well suited product for you. 


Why Should You Buy From Us?

The advantage you get from buying things from us is that you get the products at very reasonable prices. We take no risks in compromising with the quality of the product and provide you with appliances that are 100% made of high graded raw materials. We often keep our products on sale, likewise our barbeque tandoor for sale is offered to you too. You can check the product out and get it at their minimal price. If you want to buy products that are pocket friendly and we are your backbone, you can get barbeque tandoor at best prices in India from us. We promise you never disappoint you and strive everyday to provide you with better and best everytime. We train our employees basic etiquettes so that you are at your utmost comfort whenever you are with us. If you explore about us and we totally agree that you should, you will come to know that our company is appreciated for providing products that keeps them satisfied with its durability and reliability. Our effort is to provide you things that stand out so that you stand out in every field.