Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer

Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer – Tandoor Oven for Restaurant & Home

At Bajrangi Tandoor, we create and form Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer with spherical shapes using cutting equipment that is at the bleeding edge of technology. Tandoors may be fashioned by us in a variety of diameters and sizes, and we can guarantee accurate dimensional measurements for each and every customer who acquires ovens and tandoors from us. Tandoors may be designed at our factory to a variety of heights and specifications, depending on the client’s needs. These tandoors are ideal for catering of any size, from little to big, and they may be used in homes, restaurants, and other kitchens. The tandoor is unique for how quickly it can heat up, in addition to having a coating that is resistant to corrosion. 

We are actively involved in the process of producing a complete range of mild steel round drum tandoors. With this, we keep in mind the developments that are taking place in this very competitive business. The items that are being supplied have a high level of quality since they are manufactured using cutting-edge methods, technology, and Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer tools in addition to high-quality basic drum tandoor components of exceptional quality. In addition to this, we double check everything before sending it out to our customers so that it arrives in perfect condition at their doorsteps.

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Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer is one of the many products that we are reputable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of. The assortment of steel round drum tandoors that we have available is endowed with the characteristics of sturdiness, effectiveness, and user-friendliness in its operation. Clay tandoors are available on the interior of our steel tandoors, which are designed to be as adaptable and high-quality as their. There is an extra fee involved, but the top of this tandoor may be specially created to meet all of your requirements and complement the aesthetic of your kitchen. You may choose the top of your tandoor from materials such as granite, tiles, cement, or stainless steel. Other options include cemented surfaces.

Clay is used to bake food inside this tandoor, which has the appearance of a sphere and is made out of stainless steel on the outside. We are able to modify the tandoor’s layout and proportions so that it is optimally suited to the specifications of any and all kinds of kitchens. Stainless steel, tiles, granite, and cemented Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer tops are just some of the surface finishing options that are available to you via our company. 


Our all-steel circular tandoors are built to the exact specifications necessary to satisfy the requirements of international quality standards. These smooth surfaces provide excellent resilience to the effects of moist weather and can withstand a large amount of heat. Our tandoors, which have greater surface strength, find widespread use in a variety of kitchens, including restaurants, Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer, food stalls, canteens in various institutions, and other eating establishments. The tandoor comes with a number of sets of accessories, and because it is portable, it can be used both inside and outside the house. 

Because of the extensive infrastructure that we have, we are able to produce high-quality steel spherical tandoor-catering-small units. The steel ovens are put to extensive use by the manufacturing companies in the Asian country. The oven system is designed for preparing tandoori meals in a variety of states. Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer When developing commercial tandoor our steel oven systems, we often employ the most recent cutting and attaching machinery available. In addition, in order to cater to the requirements of our customers as a whole, we tend to design oven systems in a variety of diameter sizes. 

Bajrangi Tandoor is a highly reputable and skilled maker of mild steel round tandoors thanks to their many years of experience and competence in the industry. The highest levels of this mild steel circular tandoor are well-known for their resistance to damage, durability, and user-friendliness. Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer Our clients have access to this circular tandoor made of mild steel, and the price that they pay for it is really reasonable and among the most affordable on the market.

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The installation and maintenance of this tandoor are both simple and hassle-free thanks to the fact that it was built in accordance with the industry’s worldwide standards and through a stringent quality control procedure. With the use of straps that are connected around its top, middle, and bottom, an appropriate ash exit may be formed. They are simple to move about since they have swivel castors, and they can be dragged or pushed with little effort because they have sturdy handles. Thermal insulation is achieved inside the Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer, which assures the user’s safety in that it is not exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer Jute is one of the products that our firm is well known for manufacturing and supplying. This is often recognised for its primary features, which include rapid heating, a small design, and a long life with a purpose. high-grade steel are often used in the production of our custom tandoors, which we make entirely out of clay ovens. Our clay tandoors are a popular choice for kitchen appliances in a variety of settings, including restaurants, hotels, private homes, and food stalls. All of our heating systems are available to our customers in a wide range of sizes and specifications at affordable pricing. 

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In India, Bajrangi Tandoor International Pvt. Ltd. is regarded as one of the foremost producers and suppliers of MS Round Tandoors. We are known for providing MS Round Tandoor at the most affordable rate in Delhi. Customers in India place high importance on the superior quality of the Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer that we provide. The whole product line of MS Round Tandoors available in India is of export grade and is supplied by companies there. These tandoors are produced by using contemporary production methods while being supervised by highly trained specialists. Our quality controllers examine the MS Round Tandoor in India for a number of different aspects before it is released for sale. In addition, we export and distribute MS Round Tandoors from this location in India.

Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor
Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer
Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor

1. Damage-resistant
2. Fine finish
3. Longer life