Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer

Best Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor Manufacturer 


About The Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor

As the name suggests in itself that it is a tandoor manufactured using mild steel in the shape of a round drum. Mild steel round drum tandoor works the same as a regular tandoor and serves a large number of people at the same time. As mild steel round drum tandoor manufacturers and suppliers we sell this product in a wide range to restaurants, hotels, dhabas etc. 


Uses the Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor

Like every other tandoor this tandoor has the same capabilities of providing you with all kitchen services like that of roasting, grilling, reheating, defrosting, barbecuing etc. We feel that you should definitely put an eye on this masterpiece so that it can help you to run your errands more efficiently and quickly.


Benefits Of Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor

  • Quality product
  • Quick heating
  • High temperature
  • Cost effective
  • Portable
  • Suitable for all places
  • High capacity


Details Of The Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor

  1. Usage- catering/ hotels/ restaurants
  2. Material- mild steel
  3. Shape- round drum like
  4. Capacity- 200L
  5. Origin- made in India


Features Of The Mild Steel Round Drum Tandoor

The mild steel round drum tandoor comes with the property of portability that makes it a perfect use for both outdoor and indoor uses. You can easily keep it wherever you want and start continuing with your work. It is also equipped with the advanced technology of double insulation that means it has fuels like charcoal and gas inside the oven and outside as well which makes it easier for you to heat it and also keep it resistant to higher temperatures. The best thing we personally too find of great use is the open upper lid that makes it easier for the user to load and unload stuff inside and outside this appliance, you also get a bunch of accessories that makes the cooking process more convenient. Accessories like skewers, rings, cushions, etc, these all help in making the process much easier for you. You can buy best mild steel round drum tandoor online from us. The thing that surely will attract you the most is that you can buy this product at a very reasonable price too. You can get a mild steel round drum tandoor at best price in India from our company. Also an important aspect is that it is easy to clean the appliance as well, a lot of time we have seen people facing hygiene problems with the product they buy but we assure you no such problem will occur with this product as it is a low maintenance product. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

We understand that this is a big concern, why should you trust a company as you are putting your faith and money with their products. Before making a decision you should know what you are putting your money into, and we assure you products that are not just high quality wise but are being sold at pocket friendly rates and with the services you have always been craving for. You won’t trust us until we get some information about us and we are sure that once you do, you will only get the best reviews as we aim to provide our customers with products that offer them durability and reliability. In case you are not willing to buy the product at its original price we have our mild steel round drum tandoor for sale, you can buy the product at its lowest rate, use it and get satisfied with the advantages we provide you with. Our aim is to fulfill the needs of our consumers and all our input is into manufacturing the products that provide you contentment. We won’t leave you with regrets and let you doubt our competence in any way. Trust us once, you won’t be able to get enough of our products and services.