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Copper Hammered Tandoor

Copper Tandoor Price :- 30000/- INR

What Is A Copper Hammered Tandoor ?

Tandoors are special types of kitchen appliances that are basically made with the help of clay. These are built in a way that helps it to store all the heat inside. Once you heat the appliance to a certain temperature, the temperature stays the same for hours. If you use it for making items like chicken, it keeps it juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.


About The Copper Hammered Tandoor


A copper hammered tandoor oven is a typical type of tandoor which reminds you of the earlier authenticity that our food had. It provides you the same taste but in an urban avatar which is more easy and comfortable to work with. It is a hammered metallic that is used from a very long time to strengthen the surface area of copper sheets.


Uses Copper Hammered Tandoor


If you are someone who really enjoys having a frequently arranged small get together with your close friends then this appliance will be your best friend, as it is an all purpose product. It will help you in becoming the hit of your party and will send your guests in awe of the food you prepared. 


Benefits Of The Copper Hammered Tandoor

  • Time effective
  • Serves large number people at the same time
  • Cost effective
  • Compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all places
  • Quick heating


Details Of The Copper Hammered Tandoor


  1. Material- copper
  2. Core material- terracotta clay
  3. Fuel options- gas and charcoal
  4. Origin- made in India
  5. Dimensions- 28*32*13.5 inches

Available in different sizes also, you can buy as per your requirements. 


Accessories Of The Copper Hammered Tandoor


  • Ring
  • Mouth lid
  • Trolley
  • Skewers


Features Of The Copper Hammered Tandoor


As copper hammered tandoor manufacturers it is our duty to inform you of the tremendous features of the product which will eventually help you in making a good decision. We assure you that this appliance will definitely glorify your menu and attract customers all over. You can buy best copper hammered tandoor online too. This appliance is portable hence you can carry it anywhere you like and get started with your work although it is preferable to keep it indoors wherever you travel with it. Since it is made using high graded material, it is safe to say that this appliance will provide you with durability and reliability for sure. The best part about using tandoors is that it doesn’t dwindle the nutrients and vitamins of food rather it keeps it intact and serves us with a healthy meal. We can use either less oil or no oil at all while cooking in tandoors. It is a best suited product for all the food oriented places as it will help you to serve a large sum of people at the same time which helps you in providing your customers with quick service. A very easy to use and safe appliance. It is also a head scratcher of the increased work of cleaning the appliance but since it is low maintenance you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in that. This is a must recommended appliance. 


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