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Copper Tandoor Price :- 22000/- INR

What Is A Brass Round Tandoor

A tandoor is a special type of oven that is typically made with clay. The large cylindrical shape helps it to keep all the heat inside. Once it’s heated to a certain temperature it keeps it at that level for hours without needing to add more fuel. If you make chicken it keeps it juicy and tender. 


About The Product

Brass Round Tandoor is the largest we do in our company and our Indian artisans have put in a lot of time and effort in making this elegant looking product. Tandoors help us to meet with our early authentic flavors but in an urban avatar. 


Uses Brass Round Tandoor

A tandoor is an appliance that is not just a suited product to bake rotis, or naans but this appliance can also be used for other purposes as well like, reheating, grilling, roasting etc and it doesn’t burn out the food and gives it a smoky taste will certain appeal your customers. 


Benefits Of Brass Round Tandoor

  • Time effective
  • Serves large number people at the same time
  • Cost effective
  • Compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all places
  • Quick heating


Details Of The Product

  1. Material- brass
  2. Origin- made in India
  3. Dimensions- 32*32*36 inches
  4. Finishing- polished
  5. Product type- charcoal and gas operated

Available in different sizes also, you can buy as per your requirements. 


Accessories Of The Product

  • Ring
  • Mouth lid
  • Trolley
  • Skewers


Features Of The Brass Round Tandoor

As brass round tandoors manufacturers and suppliers it is our responsibility to inform you of all the features that will help you to make a proper decision in buying the product. The best part about using tandoors is that it doesn’t dwindle the nutrients and vitamins of food rather it keeps it intact and serves us with a healthy meal. We can use either less oil or no oil at all while cooking in tandoors. It is a best suited product for all the food oriented places as it will help you to serve a large sum of people at the same time which helps you in providing your customers with quick service. You can buy best brass round tandoor online. It is a compact appliance that doesn’t hog up much of your space. You can put it anywhere you like and start with your work. A very easy to use and safe appliance. It is also a head scratcher of the increased work of cleaning the appliance but since it is low maintenance you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in that. This is a must recommended appliance. 


Why Should You Buy From Us?

Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied and the only way we can do that is by providing them with the best quality appliances at best prices and with the finest services possible. We make sure that all our products are made keeping your contentment in regards. You can get brass round tandoor at best price in India from us. And for your convenience we have our brass round tandoor for sale too so you should grab the opportunity of getting the product at its minimal price. We are certain that you would not want to put your money into products that break down just after one or two use, so here we present appliances that promise you durability and reliability. We hope that you will join us soon and let us honor you with our best services and products. We just want you to trust us once and in return we promise to not disappoint you.