What Is A Tandoor Care?


Everything we buy, we have, should be taken care of for it to be sustainable and if not sustainable but durable. And especially people want to take proper care of things that they have bought as, let’s be practical, “money is involved”. Same is the case with taking care of tandoor, it’s no joke, tandoors are expensive and if not given proper attention, you might end up wasting your money and also end up with nothing. So since we know how critical this is we are here to tell you everything you need in order to keep your tandoors safe and make them durable. But before we jump onto getting to know about the measures of maintaining a tandoor, we first need to understand why we have to do it. 


Why is maintaining a tandoor necessary?

  • The first and foremost reason for maintaining a tandoor is to give it a prolonged life. 
  • To maintain the hygiene standards of the society and also to meet the standards that are required for your well being.

These are the basic reasons and necessities that are majorly required.


Measures to maintain the hygiene standards

There are so many equipment that are associated with a tandoor that needs to be looked after so that even they give you the reliability of having a prolonged life, the measures are as follows:

  • Make sure that anything that you do should be done with proper care and attention, if not done with low pressure you might end up with cracks on the equipment, it is better to clean the burner twice in an year, use a brass bristle brush for gentle cleaning. 
  • Make sure to clear all the burner openings, and that you don’t enlarge the ports and if by any chance the product is cracked or has caught up on corrosion, replace it there and then. 
  • For the cleansing of the ignitor you should clean it with a wired brush so that it is easy for you to scrape out the grease and dust, check for cracks and corrosion, if necessary replace it.
  • For the tandoor plates, it is recommended to use a long handed stiff brass brush to scrub the plates. You can also use mild detergent for the proper cleaning of plates.
  • You can even remove the rust using a rust pad to clean the plates. If you notice excessive wear, replace the plates too. 
  • For better results and operations, we will advise you to clean the exterior sections and body of the tandoor daily to keep the cooking atmosphere healthy. 
  • Clean the residues present inside the tandoor at its surface, but only do it when its temperature is fine, remove all the food particles, dust, grease from the surface too. 


Safety measures:
  • Always remember to keep the lid on top of the tandoor when you are done with cooking, but the items are still present in it. 
  • Let the fuel burn totally out and let the appliance come to its normal temperature before you start using it agin, this process might take several hours but it is better to use it that way, as we say, precautions are better than cure.
  • Immediately extinguish any open flame.
  • Remember to wear heat protective gloves while working with a tandoor. And make sure that the gloves are made of natural fibers and not synthetic materials. 
  • Use accessories that are provided with a tandoor, never put bare hands inside a tandoor when it is a high temperature, always use skewers. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the one disadvantage of a tandoor?

When a tandoor is used indoors then the whole environment might get smoky, so it is better that a tandoor should be used in an open environment. 


  1. Why is a tandoor red?

It is because of the use of a spice called kashmiri lal mirch, that makes a tandoor red. 


  1. How do you control the temperature of a tandoor?

The vents present in the tandoor maintains the airflow, and hence this maintains the temperature of the appliance. 


  1. What is a dirt tandoor oven?

The dirt tandoor oven is manufactured using Indian mud. It is an earth stove oven.


  1. What is the speciality of a tandoor?

The best thing about a tandoor is that it locks in the moisture and juices present in the food and provides an authentic taste of its own. 


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