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Bajrangi Tandoori Our tandoor manufacturers near me Portable & Power is Tandoor oven for home designed for indoor use and is available with both gas and charcoal fuel options. The may be readily transported from one site to another, and the design can be modified to match tandoor manufacturing the demands of our clients.

Bajrangi Tandoors creates high-quality tandoor manufacturers near me using premium materials to meet industry standards. Our coppers tandoor are great for cooking a range of meals, such as naan and vegetables, while keeping their authentic taste and flavor. The round tandoor oven is noteworthy for its equal distribution of heat, tandoor manufacturers near me enabling for faster grilling of food items. Specialists analyses all specifications and qualities of the tandoors under constant observation.

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tandoor manufacturers near me we alsomake their products from high-quality copper tandoor , which is well known for being strong and stable. Customers have given it a lot of praise for how well it works and how well it is made. It keeps the temperature inside the tandoor manufacturers near me at the right level so that the food being cooked doesn’t get too hot. The copper tandoor oven(Gas-Charcoal) is mostly portable and easy to set up in any setting because it can be used to cook with both gas and charcoal. It is easy to use and user-friendly to a high degree. The offered tandoor manufacturers near me comes in a range of sizes, specifications, and prices that are all within a good range.

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One of the most popular tandoors in use today is the commercial Tandoor Price, which not only makes and delivers delicious Tandoori food such as Naans, Roti, Paratha, round tandoor oven, and mixed bread, but also looks attractive and tandoor manufacturers near me enhances the atmosphere of the workshop, especially when it’s a show kitchen concept. The Tandoor has a typical form and a sturdy stainless steel lid. This item is essential for Show Kitchens.

The Commercial Tandoors, which comprise the copper tandoor oven, copper Gas Tandoor, the Stainless Steel Square Tandoor, the Drum Tandoor, the Stainless Steel Round Tandoor, the Stainless Steel Tandoor, and the Tandoor manufacturers near me, Tandoor are made from the finest raw materials. These are often used in restaurants and hotels to prepare tandoori chicken, fish, naan, pizza, cakes, cookies, and tandoori rotis.

Bajrangi Tandoor

Bajrangi Tandoor is an Exporter, Service Provider, Tandoor Manufacturer in Delhi Manufacturer, of Gas Tandoors at the best and most recent price. We began as an exporting firm in New Delhi, Delhi, in 1998. Bajrangi Tandoor is a well-known exporter, service provider, manufacturer, and supplier of  gas tandoor, Copper Tandoor, as well as a wide range of S.S. Tandoor Taper Shape, Stainless Steel Tandoor, electric tandoor for home, Designer Brass Round Tandoor, SS and MS Skewers, Iron Tasla, Tandoor, and Stainless Steel With Wooden Top at competitive prices. Get the lowest prices on items, as well as the company’s tandoor manufacturers near me contact information and location. Visit our affiliated categories and sub-categories to learn more about similar items and providers.

Our  offers a charming and elegant method of cooking a range of foods for various occasions. These exquisite Tandoor would look fantastic in your kitchen. We make tandoor manufacturers near me, provide a fantastic selection of tandoors, which are ideal for studio kitchens or open kitchens in homes or restaurants. We can provide with round or square barrels and various top surface finishes. commercial tandoor We also sell LPG-fitted to customers.


1. Dimensional accuracy
2. Easy to use
3. Low maintenance
4. Easy to install
5. Excellent finish
6.Long service life

Technical Specification:

Width Length Mouth/Inner Dia Height with Wheel Height W/out Wheel
28” 28” 12” 36” 31”
30” 30” 13” 37” 32”
32” 32” 14” 37” 32”
34” 34” 15” 37” 32”
36” 36” 16” 38” 33”