Where To Buy A Tandoor?


When we talk about buying a tandoor the first question that pops in our head is where to buy tandoor from? There are a lot of places out there that might be offering us tandoors at reasonable prices but if we look closely into the matter, then is it real that all we really care about is money?, absolutely not, before buying a product, we should make sure certain things which are as follows,

  • The guarantee or warranty period,
  • Quality of the product
  • Benefits that it will provide you
  • Accessories
  • About the company you are buying it from.

These are the major vital things that you should know before buying a tandoor, and with all of these things the price that you will have to invest. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! To help you buy the best product, this blog surely needs all your attention. This blog shares all the minute and major things that need your attention while you put your money, because let’s be pragmatic, when money is involved, it is no joke. All the things that are mentioned above are explained in detail below. Stick to the blog for a few minutes and the tandoor you buy will stick with few for years. 

The guarantee and warranty period:

Before you buy any product it is vital to know what is the guarantee and warranty period of the particular product that you have bought. Some companies offer a 6 month period, some a year or two but not more than this. 

  1. The guarantee or warranty period is a formal type of a contract between the purchaser and the businessman, which states the time period when the product is sold till the time period the product is liable to get replaced or rectified if any problem occurs with the product that had been sold. 
  2. And between this replacing and rectifying no sort of payment is to be done.

Every company who is indulged in selling products that are expensive should have this type of contract. And when the contract is done, you should get a receipt for the date of the warranty period so no party has the chance to take a step back from what they have claimed. 


Quality of the product:

Check for the materials that have been used to manufacture the product that you are buying, for instance, tandoor is a product that should be manufactured using stainless steel. Stainless steel is a product that provides a product the following benefits;

  • It keeps the appliance corrosion resistant, as stainless steel consists of an element called chromium that resists steel from catching on rust.
  • Prevents a product from frequently getting dents and scratches.
  • Gives the product a sturdy, luxurious and lustrous body.
  • Prevents the product from blasting. 

These are the qualities that you should definitely root for while you buy tandoor. Hence, when a product is abundantly filled with all these benefits it automatically makes a product durable and reliable. 


Benefits of tandoor
  • Health benefits
  1. No oil or very less oil is used when food is cooked in a tandoor.
  2. It retains all the nutrients and minerals of the food rather than wearing off the nutrients.


  • Time consumption
  1. It takes very less time for a person to cook food in a tandoor as compared to cooking food on a stove as tandoors are equipped with the feature of quick heating. 


  • Distinctive taste
  1. Tandoors are widely known for adding flavors to the food that is cooked, we often might have heard that when a meal is cooked in a tandoor, it enlightens us with this subtle yet strong aroma, and also with a scrumptious, delicious taste.


Accessories with a tandoor

A good company will always inform its customers about the following accessories that will help them in conveniently using a tandoor.

  • Skewers
  • Naan rods
  • Naan cushion
  • Lump of clay for repairs


About the company you are buying it from

You should always have a vast knowledge about the company you are choosing to buy your desired product from, and the information certainly includes all of the things that are stated above. Along with those information explore about a company on the internet, read reviews, and try to get in contact with people who are in close contacts with the company. 


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