How To Make Pizza In A Tandoor?


We have heard that a tandoor can be used for every work that you do in your kitchen and we are also aware that it adds an authentic flavor to the food that we cook in it. Our taste buds are familiar with north Indian cuisine that is prepared in a tandoor, but this time we are going to intrigue you by telling you about; 

  • Steps to cook pizza in tandoor oven and
  • Steps to cook pizza in an electric tandoor
  • And answers to the mostly asked questions

So that we can target both, the users of tandoor oven and the users of electric oven as well. 

Baking pizzas in a tandoor doesn’t mean that there is an additional appliance called a pizza tandoor that is specially designed to make pizzas but the interesting fact is that you can easily make it in a tandoor and enhance the flavors of vegetables and spices. Imagine the base that is baked on low flames, and vegetables sauteed, grilled, and roasted, cheese that is flowing out and fulfills dreams of every person who once ever dreamt of a cheese pull. 


Steps to make pizza in a tandoor oven

  • As a first step, try and get your tandoor hot upto 500 degrees. 
  • But till your tandoor is getting hot make sure that you complete the rest of your steps which includes, preparing the base, you can prepare a base at home or can buy it from the market. 
  • On top of the base, add the sauce that you wish you put.
  • On top of that, add veggies of your choice, onion, capsicum, corn, cottage cheese, tomato, olives, jalapenos, zucchini, are the most famous veggies that are put as pizza toppings.
  • And on top of all the toppings, spread as much cheese as you like to have in your pizza. 
  • As a tandoori accessory you get a pizza stand that is not just useful to bake pizzas but anything of your choice. 
  • Prepare two to three bases according to how long your pizza stand is and start placing the prepared bases on the stand. And your pizza tandoor will be ready. 
  • The pizza stand has handles attached to it which makes the process convenient.
  • Place the stand inside the pizza and make sure that it is not wobbly and stands firmly. 
  • Wait at least for 5 minutes. And cover it with a lid.
  • When you think the approximate time is over, get the stand out and check if they are done or not, if yes then they are ready to be served and when it is still not as crisp as you want and then put it again inside the oven. 
  • You are ready to serve the pizzas with seasonings. 

Tip: to lean the pizzas a little on the healthy side you can choose the base that is made from wheat. 


Steps to cook pizza in an electric tandoor

  • Repeat the same steps that are mentioned above to prepare the base, add sauces, mayonnaise, veggies, toppings, and cheese. 
  • Switch on the electric tandoor and in a minute or two the tandoor will start to heat. 
  • Place the pizza on the detachable tray and then put it in. 
  • After a few minutes check if your pizza is done, as experienced it takes about 6 minutes for the base to be completely prepared. Also it depends on how crispy you want your base to be. 
  • When the pizza is done properly, you can serve it with seasonings like oregano and chili flakes.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How hot a tandoor oven be to cook a pizza?

It should be heated upto 500 degrees. 


  1. Is it safe to make pizza in a tandoor?

Anything you make in a tandoor is safe till the time you use perfect cooking equipment. 


  1. How do you turn off a tandoor?

When you are done cooking, tightly close the lower ash tube and place the large and small lids on both sides of the tandoor. It make take several hours for it to be cool. 


  1. What is a tandoor made from?

A tandoor is typically made of clay. 


  1. What is a pizza stone?

These are a tandoor accessory that is used to bake pizzas in a tandoor. Pizza stone is made of unglazed clay. 


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