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Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants

Bajrangi tandoor professional residential tandoors bring the thrill of classic Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants grilling and the pleasure of genuine Indian cuisine to the kitchen of the home cook. Our gas tandoor for home accessories are perfect for baking naan bread or  grilling classic Indian dishes, and they enable cooks of all levels of expertise to get the most use out of their tandoor ovens.

Our tandoor oven accessories are created to facilitate tandoori cooking in the comfort of one’s own home in a way that is uncomplicated, risk-free, and pleasurable for the entire family. Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants Because of this, every Homdoor tandoor oven comes with a grate for charcoal and lava rocks, a grate for charcoal, two stainless steel bread tools, a lid with a wooden handle, and  six skewers made of stainless steel that have hard wood handles. Tandoor Manufacturing also includes a lid that has a wooden handle.

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Although Bajrangi tandoor professional Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants are the perfect size for jovial neighbourhood Tandoor Manufacturers gatherings and delightful family get-togethers, we are conscious that individual design tastes are not necessarily shared by everybody.We market gas tandoor ovens for the home since they can be installed in practically any kitchen, whether it’s indoors or outside.

You may construct anything you want, no matter how simple or extravagant, thanks to the adaptability of Bajrangi tandoor custom tandoor ovens. Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants Depending on your desire for a modern appearance, a rustic style, or something in between, Bajrangi tandoor custom tandoors can be made to complement your current décor, included in a new kitchen, or expertly built to stand alone. Our custom-built house tandoors can be made to your specifications and come in charcoal, propane, and natural gas versions. Everything from tiny fire pits to complete outdoor kitchens can be made with them.

installation and equipment.
Custom Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants from Hmdoor come with everything you need to make delectable Indian food at home, including a grate, clean-out door, skewers, bread tools, gaddi pad, and lid.


Though all of our bespoke clay ovens are preheated and have an outer layer of cutting-edge insulation, we still require a non-flammable installation for our home tandoors. Check out our website devoted to custom installations, or get in touch with us, if you need any more info. Bajrangi tandoor naan bread equipment streamlines the traditional method of baking naan, which requires a clay oven placed vertically. Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants To guarantee that your home tandoor is always at the ideal temperature for making perfect naan, we provide you with a vital point-and-shoot infrared laser thermometer that measures the temperature of the inner walls, gaddi pads, and skewers.

American-made Weathermax80 waterproof fabric is custom-tailored to fit Bajrangi tandoor stainless-steel household tandoori ovens. It is the perfect combination of durability, Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants breathability, and water resistance.

To guarantee that you have everything you need for your upcoming home grilling adventure, you can purchase our domestic tandoor accessories separately. Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants These include our natural gas and propane gas burners, the Weathermax80 waterproof fabric cover, the tandoor oven for sale,  and the infrared laser thermometer.

Hmdoor’s residential tandoors are a great way to improve your home cooking. Our expertly crafted tandoori ovens are ideal for cooking the distinctive Indian flavours, delicious flatbreads, and a wide range of tempting new dishes that will have your friends and family coming back for more Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants than just the food. Gas tandoor and a tandoor can turn any gathering into a  dynamic dining experience that everyone will enjoy since at its foundation, tandoori cooking is engaging and pleasurable.

Hmdoor’s residential tandoors are designed  and built to last, and they do so by hand in Ohio utilising premium materials. We employ natural clay ovens and modern insulation to make our home tandoors as good as any commercially available tandoor. Clay tandoor for sale from Bajrangi, Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants a brand designed specifically for home cooks, with a generous capacity of 12 to 20 people.

The superior stainless steel exterior, ten-inch wheels, lockable front caster, and commercial-quality equipment and accessories make our home tandoors perfect for use in the yard. Tandoori Ovens for Home and Restaurants Producers of Brass-Hammered Tandoors The handles on our home tandoors not only make it simple to  transport the oven from room to room, but they also give a convenient spot for hanging both raw and cooked skewers while they cool.

Our distinctive home tandoors are suitable for outdoor settings and can be permanently installed in both new and old kitchens. Both of our  options can be purchased in charcoal, propane,  or natural gas configurations, and our gas tandoors for the home can be easily converted to use charcoal.

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