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Tandoor oven for home India

Tandoor chicken, Tandoor oven for home India, naan bread, and kebabs are just a few of the many items that benefit from being cooked in a traditional clay oven, or tandoor, in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The high temperature and smokey taste produced by tandoor ovens provide for fast cooking with little loss of flavour and moisture.

This page will cover the numerous varieties of tandoor ovens sold in India for household use, Tandoor oven for home India as well as their specifications, cost, and other relevant details.

Brick Oven
Traditional ovens are often composed of clay and fired with charcoal, like a tandoor oven. These ovens are perfect for baking naan bread and tandoori chicken, two popular Indian dishes. Tandoor oven for home India Home versions of clay tandoor ovens may be smaller than those seen in restaurants, but they can still hold a fair quantity of food.
The food cooked in a clay tandoor oven has an unmistakable smokey taste that can’t be achieved with any other cooking method. A wood-fired oven, however, has to be seasoned before use and cleaned on a more frequent basis than other kinds of ovens.

Depending on the size and quality, a clay tandoor oven for domestic usage might cost anywhere from INR 5000 to INR 20,000.

Fuel-Gas Tandoor Oven
The classic tandoor oven was made of clay, but today’s gas-powered models provide a convenient alternative. This kind of oven uses less fuel and is simpler to operate than traditional clay tandoor ovens.
There is a wide variety of styles and sizes of gas tandoor ovens available for household usage. The rotisserie and temperature settings found on certain models expand their usefulness. Tandoor oven for home India Easy ignition and the absence of preseasoning and cleanup make gas tandoor ovens more user-friendly.

Depending on its size and functionality, a gas tandoor oven for residential usage might cost anywhere from INR 5,000 to INR 40,000.

Tandoor Grill Stove with Electric Heating Elements
If you want to make tandoori food at home but don’t want to deal with gas or charcoal, an electric tandoor oven is a great solution. Tandoor oven for home India These ovens are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and they all rely on electrical heating elements to function.
Unlike their traditional counterparts, electric tandoor ovens don’t need to be seasoned or cleaned after use. Additionally, they are more adaptable than conventional tandoor ovens, allowing for the preparation of foods as diverse as pizza, grilled veggies, and kebabs.

Depending on its size and features, the cost of a domestic electric tandoor oven may run anywhere from INR 2,000 to INR 15,000.

Considerations for a Home Tandoor Oven Purchase

When shopping for a tandoor oven, it’s crucial to think about how much space you have. Both the number of people who will be eating and the size of your kitchen should be taken into account. Tandoor oven for home India There is a wide range of sizes available for tandoor ovens, so you may choose the one that’s best for you.

Energy Supply
One must also think about the tandoor oven’s fuel supply. Tandoor ovens made of clay can only be fired with charcoal, whereas those made of other materials use either natural gas or electricity. Tandoor oven for home India Pick a fuel that’s easy to get and affordable.

The temperature, rotisserie, and timing may all be adjusted in a tandoor oven. Pick a tando to dance to.

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