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Bajrangi Tandoor use is the Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida intended application of our | Portable & Power, which is offered with both gas and charcoal fuel options. The design of the round tandoor oven can be changed to meet the needs of our customers and is easily  transportable from one location to another.

High-quality Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida are produced by Bajrangi Tandoors utilising premium materials that adhere to industry standards. We are India’s top manufacturers of tandoor ovens. Our copper tandoors are excellent for cooking a variety of foods while preserving their unique flavour and taste, such naan and veggies. The copper tandoor is notable for its even  distribution of heat, which makes it possible to cook meals more quickly. Under close scrutiny, experts evaluate each tandoor’s features and specs.

Bulk Quantity

Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida We also have the best round tandoor oven in Noida. They use high-quality copper barrel tandoor, which is noted for its strength and stability. Customers have praised it for how well it performs and how nicely it is constructed. It maintains the proper temperature within the tandoor so that the food being cooked does not become overly hot. Because it can cook with both gas and charcoal, (Gas-Charcoal) is primarily portable and easy to set up in any situation. It is really simple to use and user-friendly. The electric tandoor for home available comes in a variety of sizes, specs, and costs that are all within a reasonable range.

How to  Work

One of the most popular tandoors in use today is the commercial Tandoor Price, which not only makes and delivers delicious Tandoori food such as Naans, Roti, Paratha, round tandoor oven, and mixed bread, but also looks appealing and enhances the ambiance of the workshop, Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida particularly when it’s a show kitchen concept. The Tandoor is a traditional copper barrel tandoor with a stainless steel lid.  This product is required for Show Kitchens.

The Commercial Tandoors, which include the copper tandoor oven, copper Gas Tandoor, copper barrel tandoor, the Stainless Steel Square Tandoor, the Drum Tandoor, the Stainless Steel Round Tandoor, the Stainless Steel Tandoor, and the Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida, Tandoor, are crafted from the highest quality components. In restaurants and hotels, these are frequently used to prepare tandoori chicken, fish, naan, pizza, cakes, cookies, and tandoori rotis.

Bajrangi Tandoor

Bajrangi Tandoor is the leading provider of Gas Tandoors, as well as an exporter, service provider, and manufacturer of these products. It all started in 1998, when we opened an export company in New Delhi. Gas tandoor, Copper Tandoor, S.S. Tandoor Taper Shape, electric tandoor for home, Designer Brass Round Tandoor, Stainless Steel and MS Skewers, Iron Tasla, Tandoor, and Stainless Steel With Wooden Top are just some of the products that Bajrangi Tandoor exports, provides services for, Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida. Find out where the company is and how much things cost, and how to get in touch with them. If you’re looking for similar products or service providers, browse the associated categories and sub-categories on our site.

When it comes to preparing a wide variety of delicacies for special events, our method is both appealing and beautiful. If you’re remodelling your kitchen, consider splurging on one of these beautiful Tandoor. We, at Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in Noida, and we have a  that are perfect for open kitchens and studio apartments. We provide a wide variety of finishes for the tops and barrels of both round and square designs. Additionally, we offer LPG conversion kits for sale.


1. Dimensional accuracy
2. Easy to use
3. Low maintenance
4. Easy to install
5. Excellent finish
6.Long service life

Technical Specification:

Width Length Mouth/Inner Dia Height with Wheel Height W/out Wheel
28” 28” 12” 36” 31”
30” 30” 13” 37” 32”
32” 32” 14” 37” 32”
34” 34” 15” 37” 32”
36” 36” 16” 38” 33”


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