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Bajrangi Tandoor is an Exporter, small tandoor for home of Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE at the most cheap prices. In 1998, we began our export business in New Delhi, India. Bajrangi Tandoor is a well-known exporter, service provider, manufacturer, and supplier of S.S. Tandoor Taper Shape, Stainless Steel Tandoor, Copper tandoor pricing, Designer Brass Round Tandoor, SS and MS Skewers, Iron Tasla, and Stainless Steel With Wooden Top at affordable prices. Find the lowest pricing on products, as well as the firm’s location and contact information. Visit our related categories and sub-categories to learn more about similar products and suppliers such as gas and charcoal tandoor.

Our Copper Tandoor is a delectable and elegant method to make a wide range of foods for a wide range of occasions. These stunning tandoors would look fantastic in your kitchen. Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE are ideal for studio or open kitchens in homes or restaurants, and we have a large selection of them. We provide gas and charcoal tandoors with round or square barrels and a variety of surface treatments. We now supply copper tandoors that are LPG-connected, in addition to charcoal and gas tandoors.

Bajrangi Tandoor

One of the most popular tandoors today is the commercial Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE, which not only makes and delivers delicious tandoor food such as Naans, Roti, Parantha, copper tandoor price, and mixed bread, but also looks attractive and enhances the atmosphere of the workshop, particularly when it’s a show kitchen concept. The Tandoor has a conventional barrel shape with a stainless steel cover. This item is essential for Show Kitchens’.

Copper tandoor pricing, Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE. The Stainless Steel Tandoor, the Clay Tandoor, and the copper tandoor prices are all fabricated from the highest quality raw materials. In restaurants and hotels, gas and are frequently used to prepare tandoori dishes such as naan, pizza, cakes, cookies, tandoori chicken, fish, and tandoori rotis.

Copper Tandoors are constructed with high-quality copper supplied from reliable and well-known market suppliers, which provides the product with a great lot of durability and resistance. UAE Tandoor Manufacturers & Distributors The performance and craftsmanship of these tandoors are exceptional. the cost of The product is in high demand on the market, thus we sell it at a reduced price to make it more accessible to customers.


Best Copper Hammer Tandoor
Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE
Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in UAE
Length Width Mouth/Inner Dia Height with Wheel Height without wheel Weight (Approx)
28″ 12″ 36″ 31″ 210Kg
30″ 13″ 37″ 32″ 250Kg
32″ 14″ 37″ 32″ 285Kg
34″ 15″ 37″ 32″ 295Kg
36″ 16″ 38″ 33″ 340Kg
Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in UAE

We are the Best Copper Hammered Tandoor Manufacturer

Founded as a sole proprietorship, Bajrangi Tandoor International is now well recognised as the go-to source for premium goods and services such as Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE, Gas Operated SS Round Tandoors, and Gas Operated SS Square Tandoors. Those products and services are known for their high quality, fair price, necessary functionality, and low maintenance needs. A commercial tandoor can be found at. The company’s skilled workers, thorough quality control measures, and focus on customer service have allowed them to supply Copper Tandoor, gas tandoor, Gas Operated SS Round Tandoor, and Gas Operated Tandoor Manufacturers & Supplier in UAE in a variety of pricing ranges and models. They have a track record of providing items and services to clients and buyers at prices that are low compared to the competition. Throughout the world, their goods and services are highly regarded.

Best Copper Hammered Tandoor Exports

1998 marked the beginning of operations for the company. In India, Bajrangi Tandoor International is among the most successful businesses engaged in the manufacturing, exporting, and distribution of tandoori products. Bajrangi Tandoor is happy to see that a small tandoor oven designed for the home has adopted the elements of its earlier production, which was involved in the creation of tandoors. The company saw phenomenal expansion. Tandoor Manufacturer in UAE | Tandoor Supplier in UAE The market has shown a positive response to our products,

Domestic Tandoor

which we attribute to the devotion of our customers. Roomali Roti Trolley, Gas Operated Tandoor, Copper Tandoor Price, Clay Tandoor, and Coal Operated Barbecue are just few of the products that we have available, along with a large selection of others. Tandoor Producers and Distributors in the United Arab Emirates They are a frequent source of orders for us. The quality of our products is unmatched in the industry. Because we are confident that the educated members of our staff will provide raw materials of the highest and finest quality, tandoor bhatti we are able to assure that the products that we sell are manufactured using components that have their quality controlled and guaranteed. In addition to that, we have constructed a massive tandoor that is outfitted with both gas and charcoal cooking capabilities.

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