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Tandoor clay oven price in India

Tandoor clay oven price in India are a popular cooking tool in India, used to make a variety of dishes, including bread, meats, and vegetables. If you’re looking to purchase a tandoor clay oven in India, there are a variety of options available at different price points. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the factors that impact the price of tandoor clay ovens in India, as well as some examples of tandoors at different price points.

Factors Affecting Tandoor Clay Oven Prices in India

  1. Size: One of the primary factors affecting the price of a Tandoor clay oven price in India is its size. Larger tandoors are typically more expensive than smaller ones, due to the increased amount of materials required to make them.
  2. Material: The material used to make the Tandoor clay oven price in India can also affect its price. High-quality, durable materials like stainless steel or cast iron tend to be more expensive than lower-quality materials like aluminum or mild steel.
  3. Type: There are several types of Tandoor clay oven price in India available, including traditional charcoal-fired tandoors, gas-powered tandoors, and electric tandoors. The type of tandoor you choose can impact its price, with traditional charcoal-fired tandoors being the most affordable, and electric tandoors being the most expensive.
  4. Brand: The brand of the tandoor clay oven can also impact its price. Well-known brands with a reputation for quality and durability tend to be more expensive than lesser-known brands or no-name products.
  5. Features: Additional features like adjustable temperature controls, ash trays, and skewers can also impact the price of a tandoor clay oven.

Examples of Tandoor Clay Ovens at Different Price Points in India

  1. Budget Tandoors (Under 10,000 INR)

For those on a budget, there are several options available for tandoor clay ovens under 10,000 INR. These tandoors are typically smaller in size and made of lower-quality materials, but can still be used to make delicious tandoori dishes. Examples of budget tandoors include:

  • Vidiem Tandoor (6,499 INR): This small charcoal-fired tandoor is made of stainless steel and features adjustable air vents for temperature control.
  • Prestige PPBB-02 Coal Barbeque Grill (2,399 INR): This small charcoal-fired grill can also be used as a tandoor for making tandoori dishes.
  1. Mid-Range Tandoors (10,000-50,000 INR)

For those with a bit more to spend, there are several mid-range tandoor clay ovens available in India. These tandoors are typically larger in size and made of higher-quality materials, and may include additional features like ash trays or skewers. Examples of mid-range tandoors include:

  • The Indian Clay Oven Company Charcoal Tandoor (24,999 INR): This traditional charcoal-fired tandoor is made of clay and features a stainless steel outer casing for durability.
  • Kamado Joe Junior Charcoal Grill (45,000 INR): This versatile grill can also be used as a tandoor, and features an adjustable vent system for temperature control.
  1. High-End Tandoors (Over 50,000 INR)

For those looking for the ultimate tandoor clay oven experience, there are several high-end options available in India. These tandoors are typically made of the highest-quality materials, and may include features like electric temperature control or built-in rotisserie systems. Examples of high-end tandoors include

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