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We manufacture and form MILD STEEL ROUND DRUM TANDOOR MANUFACTURERS with Stainless Steel Drums Sale tandoor for house spherical shapes at Bajrangi Tandoor employing cutting equipment on the cutting edge of technology. We can make  tandoors in a range of diameters and sizes, and we guarantee correct dimensional specifications for any customer who buys ovens and tandoors from us. can be designed to a range of heights and specifications at our manufacture, according on the needs of the client. These  are excellent for any size catering, from little to large, and may be used in homes, restaurants, and other kitchens. The tandoor is notable for how quickly it can heat up, as well as having a corrosion-resistant covering.

We are constantly engaged in the production of a comprehensive selection of  , mild steel round drum tandoors. Consequently, we bear in mind the changes occurring in this extremely competitive industry. The things given have a high level of quality because they are produced utilising cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and drum tandoor for home tools, Stainless Steel Drums Sale in addition to high-grade drum tandoor components. In addition, we double-check everything before sending it to our customers to ensure that it reaches them in great shape.

Highly using

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a comprehensive range of products, including , MILD STEEL ROUND DRUM TANDOOR . Steel round drum tandoors and Stainless Steel Drums Sale are among our available options, and they all feature robust construction, high efficiency, and simple operation. Our steel tandoors come with clay tandoors on the inside, and they are just as flexible and high-quality as its drum tandoors. For an additional cost, this tandoor can have a top designed specifically for your needs and to match the look of your kitchen’s drum tandoor. Granite, tiles, cement, or stainless steel are all good options for your tandoor’s top. Cemented surfaces are another alternative.

The interior of this Stainless Steel Drums Sale tandoor, which has the appearance of a sphere and is constructed from stainless steel on the exterior, is lined with clay, and food is baked inside of it. We are able to alter the configuration and dimensions of the tandoor so that it is perfectly suited to the requirements of any and all different kinds of kitchens. You may choose from a wide variety of surface finishing options when you work with our firm, including stainless steel, tiles, granite, and cemented tandoor price in delhi tops, to name just a few of them.


Our circular all-steel Stainless Steel Drums Sale tandoors meet worldwide quality standards. These flat surfaces resist damp weather and heat well. Our  are used in restaurants, food booths, canteens in various institutions, and other eating venues. The portable tandoor comes with many accessories and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Because of the extensive infrastructure that we have, we are able to produce high-quality steel spherical tandoor-catering-small units. The steel ovens are put to extensive use by the manufacturing companies in the Asian country. The oven system is designed for preparing tandoori meals in a variety of states. MILD STEEL ROUND DRUM TANDOOR , When developing commercial tandoor our steel oven systems, we often employ the most recent cutting and attaching machinery available. In addition, in order to cater to the requirements of our customers as a whole, we tend to design oven systems in a variety of diameter sizes.

As a result of their many years of experience and their level of expertise in the field, Bajrangi Tandoor is well regarded as a talented and highly experienced  of mild steel round tandoors. The greatest levels of this mild steel circular tandoor and Stainless Steel Drums Sale are well-known for their resistance to damage, longevity, and user-friendliness. These qualities have been recognised for many years.  cooked in a gas tandoor. Our customers may purchase this circular tandoor constructed of mild steel at a price that is extremely fair and ranks among the most competitively priced options available on the market today.

How it Work

The installation and maintenance of this Stainless Steel Drums Sale tandoor are simple and uncomplicated as a result of its construction in accordance with global industry standards and a rigorous quality control system. A suitable ash escape may be made using straps that are attached around its top, middle, and bottom. are easily maneuverable since they have swivel castors, and they can be dragged or pushed with minimal effort because they have robust handles. Thermal insulation is achieved within the  circular tandoor pot made of mild steel, so that the user is not exposed to excessive temperature  of Mild Steel Round Drum Doors , Stainless Steel Drums Sale , Our company is widely recognized as a leading tandoor and supplier of jute. Those major advantages, which include fast heating, a compact form, and a long purposeful life, have helped make this product well-known. Our custom tandoors are handcrafted from scratch using only clay ovens and the finest materials available, including house tandoor India and high-grade steel. Our clay tandoors are widely used in commercial kitchens, residential kitchens, and even street food stands. Our heating systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and our prices are very competitive.

Feature :

Bajrangi Tandoor International Pvt. Ltd. is known as one of the leading of MS Round Tandoors  in India and  .We are well-known in Delhi for offering MS Round Tandoor, and Stainless Steel Drums Sale at the most reasonable prices. Customers in India value the exceptional quality of the MILD STEEL ROUND DRUM TANDOOR that we offer. The whole MS Round Tandoors product line offered in India is of export grade and is supplied by enterprises there. These tandoors are manufactured utilising modern production procedures under the supervision of highly qualified personnel. Before it is released for sale, our quality controllers inspect tandoor for a variety of factors. Furthermore, from this site in India, we export and distribute MS Round Tandoor and .

1. Damage-resistant
2. Fine finish
3. Longer life















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