Nsf Tandoor

Nsf Tandoor

Bajrangi Tandoor, a leading producer of Nsf Tandoor, offers products of excellent quality built from 304-grade stainless steel square tanks. These commercial tandoor are built in a very clean way so they can be used in places like hotels and restaurants to make tandoori dishes quickly and easily. Our stainless steel square tandoors have a long-lasting polish and exceptional durability, making them easy to use and maintain. They are mobile due to the bottom-mounted swivel castors that facilitate movement. Nsf Tandoor Our product has the highest level of safety, so the gas assembly is hidden behind a stainless steel panel on the front. 

We produce and distribute a superior range of Nsf Tandoor with a stainless steel square oven top. This kind of tandoor is an exceptionally hygienic and well-built state-changing device. Also, these things are often used to make tandoori food in hotels and restaurants. In India, we produce and distribute stainless steel tandoors (SS tandoor) in a variety of forms. We provide Nsf Tandoor made from the highest quality raw materials, which are backed by a quality-driven organization. We are renowned for providing entire tandoors that are created with precise specifications in accordance with public and international quality requirements. 

Bajrangi Tandoor SS. Tandoor

When enclosed in a stainless steel casing, the clay tandoor within the casing becomes more efficient. For an extra fee, the top of the Nsf Tandoor may be customized to meet your specific demands or to complement the aesthetics of your kitchen. You can choose a top for your tandoor that is made of granite, tile, cement, or stainless steel. 

We are a reputable provider of an extensive selection of soft-cast. Available in a variety of sizes and compartment configurations, they are widely used by our clients to transport various food items. These are of great quality, have high potency, Nsf Tandoor, and are easy to use since they were manufactured using modern technology. Our buyers will be able to get these products from the United States at the most competitive prices. 

Customers should acquire from North America of the highest quality, which are widely used in Nsf Tandoor hotels and restaurants. These are made using the highest quality materials. These are fully in accordance with international quality requirements. 

Salient features are:

1. Resistance
2. Low power consumption
3. Fine design
4. Operation
5. Accuracy
6. High performance

CORE MATERIAL Terracotta clay
OUTER CASING Grade 304 stainless steel grade
(18 gauge for all 4 sides and 16 gauge steel for top)
INSULATION Double insulation with high temperature resistant glasswool ( First insulation is between the walls of the drum, and second insulation is between the clay tandoor and the drum.)
USAGE Can serve a variety of businesses. It is best recommended for restaurants and banquets.
DIMENSIONS Comes in few standard sizes. Commonly used model is MLTS 30.
FUEL OPTIONS Charcoal and Gas
(Our Gas ovens are certified to meet the international standards)
(Indoors it must be installed under ventilation hood)
CUSTOMISATION Can be custom made in different sizes and design
TOP SURFACE Tile, Stone, Metal, Cement
ACCESSORIES 10 pieces of assorted skewers Top Mouth Cover and Cushion (gaddi)
WEIGHT Minimum 300 Kg
SAFETY NORMS Charcoal tandoor is Gas Oven 
About Us

With a wealth of expertise in the industry behind us, we’ve become a top provider of square tapers and other Nsf Tandoor kitchen appliances that also have a temperature gauge. Made and built to exacting standards based on cutting-edge technology, these items are not only user-friendly, but also very effective over an extended period of time. These are mass-produced using high-quality primary materials, so they should last for a long time and look good doing it.

Our knowledge and experience in this field allow us to provide a high-quality range of low-carbon steel square ovens with SS top.1 that deliver excellent results when used in safe cooking environments. Nsf Tandoor The process of making tandoori foods uses our products, which are used in a variety of settings, including hotels and restaurants. With alternatives like captivating design and strong functional strength, it’s no surprise that these items are in high demand throughout the state. to know more  Stainless Steel Tandoor Manufacturers

Well Expertise 

Our expertise in this field allows us to provide a high-quality line of square tandoori ovens made of mild steel and fitted with a stainless steel top, ideal for healthy cooking. In order to make tandoors meals, our products are employed in a wide variety of settings, Nsf Tandoor including hotels and restaurants. As a result of their many desirable qualities, commercial tandoor, such as their eye-catching style and outstanding practical efficiency, these items are in high demand all throughout the country.